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Posted on Sun 1 Apr 2018

Philip Pullman: siding with Satan

After the slaughter and horrors of the First World War, a number of writers sought to explore urgent questions which had arisen about good and evil, truth and meaning, freedom and destiny, through the medium of…continue reading »

Posted on Fri 10 Nov 2017

Burma: We need to act now to save the Rohingya

The tragedy that has unfolded on the Burma-Bangladesh border over the past two months is one that was predicted, should never have happened and should have been stopped before it reached this point. Over 600,00…continue reading »

Posted on Thu 26 Oct 2017

Letters to the Editor: Definitions of jihad

SIR – Your news report headed “Family go to court over name of baby Jihad” is right in saying that jihad can mean self-denial and a battle against sin – but that is not its primary meaning.

Hans Wehr’s Dictiona…continue reading »