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Posted on Mon 19 Jul 2021

Abortion is a Bible Issue

This is not an apology for Bishops in the House of Lords, but you must know that when people do certain things there is a cost involved. I observed this in the House of Lords over many years. What is the cost i…continue reading »

Posted on Tue 6 Jul 2021

The plot against religious education

Faith is not the declining force that some secularists believe or indeed desire it to be. Even here in the UK, we have our growing and vibrant black-led churches; increasingly present mosques, temples and gurud…continue reading »

Posted on Tue 11 May 2021

The Church should protect heritage, not denounce it

Once again, the Church of England has, knowingly or unknowingly, got itself embroiled in the identity politics of Critical Theory and its offspring ‘wokeism’. Hot on the heels of its report on race, we now have…continue reading »

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