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Posted on Mon 16 March 2020

Call to Fasting and Prayer

The Coronavirus has appeared from nowhere and is causing consternation not only for the medical services but for industry, government and civil society. As Christians, we have hope in God who will deliver us from this threat to human well being and it is in this hope that we are calling on people to fast and pray for deliverance from this global pandemic: -

1. Let us pray for repentance for our abuse of God’s good creation and of ourselves which often leads to epidemic disease and other calamities.

2. Let us pray for protection for our families, communities and nations and especially for the poor, the weak and the elderly.

3. Let us pray for healing for those ill with the virus.

4. Let us pray for the dying and bereaved.

Good Father of all we thank you for your good creation and are sorry that we have not been good stewards of it and have abused it along with ourselves and our own bodies. Please forgive us and protect us, our families and our nations from the worst effects of this virus. Stretch out your healing hand towards those who are ill with it. Restore them to the wholeness of your will for us all. We pray for those who have been bereaved and ask for your continuing and reassuring presence with them. We ask all of this in the name of the one who came to heal and to save, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

1. Archbishop Foley Beach - Anglican Church of North America
2. Bishop Azad Marshall - Bishop of Raiwind (Pakistan) and Former Bishop in Iran
3. Bishop Henry Scriven – General Secretary of EFAC
4. Bishop Andy Lines – Bishop of the GAFCON Missionary District, Europe
5. Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali – Former Bishop Rochester and President of OXTRAD
6. The Revd Hugh Palmer - Rector of All Souls, London
7. The Revd Paul Perkin - Vicar of St Mark’s Battersea Rise, London
8. Mrs Andrea Minichiello Williams - Chief Executive, Christian Concern
9. The Revd Lynda Rose – CEO, Voice for Justice UK
10. Canon Dr Chris Sugden – OXTRAD Trustee
11. The Revd Andrew Symes - Director, Anglican Mainstream
12. Martin Mills – Chair of the GAFCON UK Trust 
13. Viktor Hamm – Vice President BGEA
14. Rose-Marie Edwards – Intercessor for the Anglican Church in North America

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