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Articles / May 2021

Posted on Tue 11 May 2021

The Church should protect heritage, not denounce it

Once again, the Church of England has, knowingly or unknowingly, got itself embroiled in the identity politics of Critical Theory and its offspring ‘wokeism’. Hot on the heels of its report on race, we now have…continue reading »

Posted on Sat 1 May 2021

The C of E has fallen for anti-Christian theories of race

In its new report, From Lament to Action, the Church of England has decided to focus on race. Now, there is no question that racism exists within all cultures, but the Judaeo-Christian tradition has always been…continue reading »

Posted on Sat 1 May 2021

Can we teach Christianity in our schools?

One of the features of our educational system is the near-invisibility of Christianity in the syllabi of our schools. Given its centrality in the recorded history of the nation and its role in the development o…continue reading »

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