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Posted on Wed 18 July 2012

Telegraph (letter): Immigration policy needs review

SIR – I am in favour of an immigration policy that prevents new arrivals from becoming a drain on the taxpayer (report, July 16). I must question, however, the new requirement that British men and women who have migrated here should earn at least £18,600 per annum to be able to bring a spouse to this country.

How did such a provision become policy without public debate and scrutiny?

On the face of it, this policy seems to go against natural justice and unfairly targets the young and the poor. Why should they have fewer rights than those in “comfortable” Britain?

It is fair to ask anyone wanting to live here to show that their marriage is not one merely of convenience, and for them to have sympathy for the British way of life and a basic knowledge of English, but a financial test like this one seems discriminatory and should be immediately reviewed.

Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali

London W1

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