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Posted on Mon 31 July 2017

1 of 6 - Letters to the Editor: Split in the C of E

Split in the C of E  

SIR – Recent actions in the General Synod in pursuit of a culture that denies biblical ethics, as they have been practised and understood “at all places and in all times”, have caused many Anglicans great concern.

There are times, particularly in the face of social disintegration, when it is the duty of the Church to be counter??'cultural. The failure of the House of Bishops to uphold the teaching of the Bible and of the Universal Church in this area is very disappointing, if not surprising.

Booing of traditionalists and the levels of personal abuse aimed at them during the Synod have only deepened mistrust between the different sides.

There are now effectively two opposed expressions of Anglicanism in this country. One has capitulated to secular values, and one continues to hold the faith “once delivered to the saints”.

We and others stand with the majority of faithful Anglican across the globe, in prioritising Scripture and the unanimous teaching of the universal Church over secular fashion. We note the results of this same conflict in North America, even as we look for and pray for a similar renewal of orthodox Anglicanism and of Anglican structures in these islands.

Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali

Bishop of Rochester, 1994-2009

Rt Rev John Fenwick

Bishop Primus, Free Church of England

Rev Gavin Ashenden

Former Chaplain to the Queen

Rev Mark Burkill

Chairman of Reform

Andrea Minchello Williams

CEO of Christian Concern

Rev William Taylor

Chairman of Renew

Rev Nigel Atkinson

Vicar of St John’s, Knutsford

Rt Rev John Ellison

Executive of Anglican Mission in England (AMiE)

Rev Lee McMunn

Mission Director of AMiE

Rev Tim Chapman

Minister of Christ Church, South Cambridgeshire AMiE

Rev Paul Darlington

Vicar of Oswestry, Holy Trinity Chairman of Church Society

Mary Durlacher

Member of General Synod

Rev Dick Farr

Chairman of Church Society Trust

Fr Martin Hislop

St Luke’s, Kingston upon Thames

Rev Canon Nigel Juckes

Incumbent, Parish of Llandogo

Rt Rev Josep Miquel Ferrer

Free Church of England

Rev Steven Hanna

St Elisabeth’s Church, Dagenham

Rt Rev Paul Hunt

General Secretary of Free Church of England

Rev James Paice

Vicar of St Luke’s, Wimbledon Park

Trustee of Southwark Good Stewards Trust

Rev Dr Peter Sanlon

Vicar of St Mark’s, Tunbridge Wells

Convener of Anglican Partnership Synod

Rev Dr Andrew Symes

Executive Secretary of Anglican Mainstream

Rev Melvin Tinker

Vicar of St John’s, Newland

Rev Robin Weekes

Minister of Emmanuel Church Wimbledon

Chairman of Reform Southwark

This letter was published in The Telegraph on 25 July 2017

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