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Posted on Tue 25 July 2023

The Christian Coalition for Education (CCFE) invites you to attend their annual

The Christian Coalition for Education (CCFE)

invites you to attend  their annual national day conference entitled: 

Made in the Image of God 

Saturday 7 October 2023 

09:30 – 16:00 

Trinity Church York, St Anthonys Hall, Peasholme  Green, York, YO1 7PW 

Keynote and Seminar Speakers:

      Dr Michael Nazir-Ali
   (CCFE Chairman)            

The Image of God and  Education - How  

 theology should direct our practice 

      Dr Mark Pike 
(Emmanuel Schools  Foundation) 

Made in God’s Image - Teaching character and  virtues in schools

The Image of God and  Education - How  

theology should direct  our practice 



Tim Morfin                                               (Transforming Lives for Good) 

Valuing Children and  working with struggling  families 

Nick Fletcher 
(Member of  Parliament for Don Valley) will be interviewed 
Emma Owen (The Message  Trust/Respect ME) 
Effective Relationships and  Sexual Health Education: A  Christian Perspective'
John Denning (Christian Institute) 
Challenges and opportunities for  Christian teachers, within and  beyond schools 

A range of tickets prices are available, with particular discounts for Early Career Teachers and by  booking early. To book or see more information, visit the Eventbrite page:

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