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Posted on Sat 25 August 2018

In response to ‘Conspiracy theories more likely to appeal to creationists’

A Swiss study has, it appears, found that ‘young earth’ creationists are more likely to believe in conspiracies. From this, somewhat marginal finding, the study then seems to launch a frontal attack on reason itself. It confuses teleological reasoning with believing in fate. Humans are hard-wired to seek a reason for things that happen around them but this is equated with ‘faith in horoscopes’. What it calls ‘cognitive bias’, I would call God-given powers of reasoning, which seek an explanation for everything, and are the basis of all authentic science.

The study appears to be claiming that, in order to believe in evolutionary theory, we must abandon all questions about why things are as they are and what they are for. I pray we won’t because that way lies nihilism and hopelessness.

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