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Articles / September 2022

Posted on Tue 20 Sep 2022

The Queen was the Face of Decolonisation - The Telegraph 19th Sept

Contrary to what is being alleged in some quarters, rather than being the face of Empire, as Queen Victoria had been, our Queen Elizabeth was the first monarch to be the face of ‘decolonisation’, as it progresscontinue reading »

Posted on Fri 16 Sep 2022

The Oxford Handbook of Ecumenical Studies

   This Handbook of Ecumenical Studies is comprehensive in scope and covers a vast range of material from the history to the doctrine and the methodologies of the Ecumenical movement. OUP has managed to bring tcontinue reading »

Posted on Fri 16 Sep 2022

Conversion, Persecution, and the Reforming Voices of Muslims in Post-Revolution

International Journal of Asian Christianity


Christian faith has a long and continuous history in Iran. The period since theIslamic Revolution of 1979 has been particularly stressful, with outbreaks ocontinue reading »

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