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Posted on Tue 1 November 2011

Third Way: The Good Fight (Interview with Bishop Michael)

Interview by Huw Spanner

As a bishop in Raiwind and Rochester and as a ‘lord spiritual’, Dr Michael Nazir-Ali has been a controversial champion of both Christian truth and human dignity. Third Way engaged with him at the Bible Society’s offices in Westminster.

Your background, I believe, is very important to who you are. Your father was a convert from Islam…

Yes, I come from quite a large Shia Muslim family. My father was the only one who became a Christian, be�fore I was born - indeed, before he was married. My mother was from a Methodist tradition.

Were there repercussions from his conversion? Obviously, in Pakistan today it would be quite a serious matter.

It’s always serious and, yes, there have been some quite difficult times for him, and for us; but equally we have had good relations with many family members. I’ve just visited my senior uncle, who is the head of the family now, and head of the religious leaders of the Shia community in that part - and that was a cordial visit.

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