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Posted on Sat 1 May 2021

Can we teach Christianity in our schools?

One of the features of our educational system is the near-invisibility of Christianity in the syllabi of our schools. Given its centrality in the recorded history of the nation and its role in the development o…continue reading »

Posted on Wed 24 Mar 2021

Boris, ‘greed’ and the moral case for capitalism

I, for one, was not surprised by the Prime Minister’s remark to his parliamentary colleagues about greed fuelling the race to develop a vaccination for Coronavirus. I well remember some years ago, when he and I…continue reading »

Posted on Mon 15 Feb 2021

Lent Devotion for Ash Wednesday 2021

Joel 2:1-17 & Matt 6:1-21

The Book of Joel begins with a pandemic: there have been successive invasions of locusts which have destroyed the Agrarian economy of ancient Israel. Joel regards this ‘natural’ disas…continue reading »

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