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Posted on Fri 1 Jan 2021

A Christian View of Relationships and Sex Education

The United Kingdom’s Education Act of 1996, the European Convention on Human Rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child all recognise that parents have the primary responsibility fo…continue reading »

Posted on Wed 9 Dec 2020

A merry Covid Christmas?

Hurrah! Christmas isn’t cancelled after all or is it only half cancelled or is it so deeply rooted in our minds and hearts, in family life and in the national psyche that it cannot be cancelled? The Government’…continue reading »

Posted on Thu 5 Nov 2020

The best response to Islamism is Christianity

It has become normal to think of the Islamist attacks in Europe as attacks on a secular way of life. The beheading of the teacher in Paris, the murders in Notre-Dame in Nice and the shootings in Vienna are pres…continue reading »

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