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Posted on Mon 2 Oct 2017

In response to the Telegraph Article,

We have received many messages over the past weekend in relation to the misleading Telegraph article headline regarding my speech at the UKIP Conference last week. 

During the speech, I was attempting to give t…continue reading »

Posted on Mon 31 Jul 2017

1 of 6 - Letters to the Editor: Split in the C of E

Split in the C of E  

SIR – Recent actions in the General Synod in pursuit of a culture that denies biblical ethics, as they have been practised and understood “at all places and in all times”, have caused manycontinue reading »

Posted on Mon 31 Jul 2017

2 of 6 - Letters to the Editor: Transgender liturgy

Transgender liturgy

SIR – I write in response to the assertion of Bishop Michael Nazir??'Ali and others (Letters, July 25) that decisions at the recent General Synod reflect “failures to uphold the teaching of …continue reading »

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