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Posted on Thu 19 Mar 2020

Return to God because it makes sense, not because of panic

Dear Sir,

Philip Johnstone (Comment, 18March) is quite right to point out that belief in the inevitability of human progress has often been negated in the last century or so either by war or the kind of natura…continue reading »

Posted on Mon 16 Mar 2020

Call to Fasting and Prayer

The Coronavirus has appeared from nowhere and is causing consternation not only for the medical services but for industry, government and civil society. As Christians, we have hope in God who will deliver us f…continue reading »

Posted on Sun 8 Mar 2020

To the Editor: Re

Celibacy is a gift to the church from those who are called to it, like those called to the religious life as monks or nuns. In the Bible, and in subsequent centuries, it was not a condition for priesthood. Ther…continue reading »

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