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Posted on Thu 7 Feb 2019

Letter to the Telegraph regarding the visit of the Pope to the UAE

Sir Con Coughlin is right, of course, that the repression of the Iranian people should not be allowed to last another 40 years (6 February). He compares Iran with other states in the region which he claims sho…continue reading »

Posted on Tue 15 Jan 2019

How Britain led the world in developing freedom of religion: Transcript from Par

Thank you very much Sir John [Sir John Hayes CBE MP]. It is great honour to speak alongside Sir Roger [Sir Roger Scruton] and thank you for the invitation. I’m very pleased to hear some of the things he has sai…continue reading »

Posted on Thu 3 Jan 2019

Response to FCO Review of the Persecution of Christians

I warmly welcome the Review, to be led by the Bishop of Truro, ordered by the Foreign Secretary.It is long over due and I hope it will not only be completed by Easter but will be speedily implemented by the gov…continue reading »

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