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Posted on Fri 21 Dec 2018

Statement in response House of Bishop’s Guidance on welcoming Transgender people

The true basis for our belonging to the Body of Christ is repentance and the desire to live according to God’s purposes as revealed in the Bible and as taught by the Church.

The Bible teaches clearly that God h…continue reading »

Posted on Thu 1 Nov 2018

Wanted: a post-Brexit vision of national life

With Brexit looming over the horizon, we are, as a nation, at a watershed in our long and varied story. Europe too is at a crossroads: the rising tide of immigration, problems with the euro and the resistance o…continue reading »

Posted on Sat 25 Aug 2018

In response to ‘Conspiracy theories more likely to appeal to creationists’

A Swiss study has, it appears, found that ‘young earth’ creationists are more likely to believe in conspiracies. From this, somewhat marginal finding, the study then seems to launch a frontal attack on reason i…continue reading »

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