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Posted on Sat 25 Aug 2018

In response to ‘Conspiracy theories more likely to appeal to creationists’

A Swiss study has, it appears, found that ‘young earth’ creationists are more likely to believe in conspiracies. From this, somewhat marginal finding, the study then seems to launch a frontal attack on reason i…continue reading »

Posted on Mon 13 Aug 2018

The Contribution of Christians to building Pakistan

It is quite well known that Christianity arrived in what is now Pakistan very early. The archaeological discoveries in Taxila provide a back ground to the 2nd century AD claim that the Apostle Thomas visited thcontinue reading »

Posted on Sat 11 Aug 2018

Banning the Burqa

Boris Johnson likes being provocative. My own experience with him on the radio has been that he makes controversial comments to elicit controversial responses! This makes for good radio but it can offend this continue reading »

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