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Posted on Mon 31 Jul 2017

5 of 6 - Letters to the Editor: Interpreting Scripture

SIR – Bishop Nazir-Ali’s praying in aid of the Tudor divine Richard Hooker (Letters, July 29) is outrageous.

He attributes to Hooker the view that reason is “the instrument by which we understand and apply the …continue reading »

Posted on Mon 31 Jul 2017

6 of 6: A response to Stephen Marriott and Neil Hirst’s letters (31 July)

As both Stephen Marriott and Neil Hirst refer to me personally (Telegraph Letters, 31 July), I feel that I must offer a reply. I welcome their theological seriousness. I wish it was more evident in the proceedi…continue reading »

Posted on Mon 1 May 2017

Monks, Magi and Mosques: Religion on the Silk Road

The Silk Road is actually a network of routes over land, river and sea, which has connected the peoples and the nations of Eurasia for many hundreds of years. There is the northern route over the Caucasus to Eu…continue reading »

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