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Posted on Thu 5 Jan 2023

Don’t forget about the persecuted Christians - The Telegraph - December 2022

For many Christians in the Middle East, South and East Asia and in West Africa, Christmas has hardly been a time of love, joy and peace. It has been rather a time of increased fear of attack and arrest, of forecontinue reading »

Posted on Thu 15 Dec 2022

From the Channel to Rwanda - Policy Exchange 7th December 2022

From the Channel     
to Rwanda

Three essays on the morality of asylum

Nigel Biggar, John Finnis and Richard Ekins
Foreword by Dr Michael Nazir-Ali

Policy Exchange is the UK’s leading think tank. We are ancontinue reading »

Posted on Thu 6 Oct 2022

Moral renewal in our body politic - Catholic Herald September 2022

Earlier this month, Nick Timothy, former chief of staff at 10 Downing Street during Theresa May’s Premiership - surveying the detritus of law-breaking by lawmakers, parliamentary sleaze, cash for honours and

continue reading »

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