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Posted on Mon 4 Jan 2016

A response to Boris Johnson’s: Amid dystopic visions of an Islamic Europe...

Bishop Michael responds to Boris Johnson’s, Amid dystopic visions of an Islamic Europe, remember the Alhambra:

Boris Johnson points out the achievements of Muslim rule after their conquest of the mostly Christcontinue reading »

Posted on Mon 7 Dec 2015

A Comment Piece on the Commission on Religion and Belief in Public Life

The first thing to note is that this a private commission not appointed by the Government or the Crown. It is heavily liberal in its theological flavour with hardly any traditional minded Christians oncontinue reading »

Posted on Thu 19 Nov 2015

Only Christianity can rescue Europe

The large numbers of people arriving on Europe’s shores, whether refugees or economic migrants, and the evil advent of ISIS as well as other Islamist extremists, have led the historian Niall Ferguson to compare…continue reading »

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