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Posted on Wed 24 Apr 2013

Bishop Michael speaks at inaugural Peter Toon lecture

On Tuesday 16 April Bishop Michael delivered a talk titled ‘Justification by Faith: Orientating the Church’s teaching and practice to Christ’ which was given in honour of the Revd Peter Toon.

Click here for the…continue reading »

Posted on Mon 11 Mar 2013

BBC Letter to Archbishop Justin

Dear Archbishop Justin,

It is an immense privilege to write to you about the future of our Church. As an evangelist and a pastor, you will know that we need to connect with the deepest longings of our people fo…continue reading »

Posted on Fri 1 Feb 2013

Calling All Christians: Prepare For Exile

In 1996 I chaired an ecumenical commission which produced a report calledThe Search for Faith. The difference between this report and many others like it was that it immediately became a cause celebre in the me…continue reading »

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