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Posted on Thu 23 Jul 2015

PAKISTAN: New hope for Asia Bibi

Bishop Michael comments on the decision by Pakistan’s Supreme Court to grant a stay of execution for Asia Bibi to allow the case against her to be re-opened.

To read the full article written by John Pontifex, p…continue reading »

Posted on Mon 15 Jun 2015


Bishop Michael’s Chapter from his newest book, Magna Carta Unravelled:


In this chapter I survey the historical hinterland for the Magna Carta (because it didn’t arise out of nowhere) and als…continue reading »

Posted on Fri 12 Jun 2015

Persecution of Pakistan’s Christians by fanatical Islam is a betrayal of Jinnah

Christians in Pakistan come from diverse backgrounds and social classes. On the one hand, they have contributed, out of all proportion, to their numbers to nursing and teaching. On the other, the conversion ove…continue reading »

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