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Posted on Thu 1 Jan 2015

Longing for Community: Church, Ummah, or Somewhere in Between?, A Review Essay

This book on the theme of Christian witness in Muslim settings contains contributions from some twenty missiologists, sociologists, anthropologists, and linguists. It spans a huge range of mission involvement s…continue reading »

Posted on Mon 1 Sep 2014

Radical Islam and its Invisible Victims

In this article, Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali tackles the issue of the way that we in the western world are informed on news concerning the Middle East. He highlights the lack of current and relevant updates concercontinue reading »

Posted on Sun 10 Aug 2014

The West must face the evil that has revealed itself in the Iraq genocide

In this Telegraph article, Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali highlights the years of persecution that various ancient communities of Iraq have endured without the help or aid of any foreign countries.

He goes on to urgecontinue reading »

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