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Posted on Fri 18 Sep 2009

Catholic Herald: The battle between a hard and humane kind of Islam

Akbar Ahmed is a man of many parts. I have known him as a senior civil servant, an academic, a diplomat and a prolific author. To these must now be added being a playwright who has written for the demanding wor…continue reading »

Posted on Sun 26 Jul 2009

Washington Times: Episcopal gay moves risk schism

The Episcopal Church in the United States has done it again. Having marched out of step with the majority of the worldwide Anglican Communion, American Episcopalians have declared their intention to walk even f…continue reading »

Posted on Wed 1 Jul 2009

Standpoint: Only God Can Save Us from Ourselves

It is hard to believe that a whole year has passed since the launch of Standpoint with my article, “Breaking Faith with Britain”, in the inaugural issue. In that article, I tried to show how there was a descend…continue reading »

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