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Posted on Fri 16 Sep 2022

Conversion, Persecution, and the Reforming Voices of Muslims in Post-Revolution

International Journal of Asian Christianity


Christian faith has a long and continuous history in Iran. The period since theIslamic Revolution of 1979 has been particularly stressful, with outbreaks ocontinue reading »

Posted on Wed 27 Jul 2022

There can be no moral renewal of public life without respect for God and Man

In July 2022, just before Boris Johnson’s resignation, Nick Timothy Theresa May’s former Chief of Staff surveyed in the Daily Telegraph the detritus of law-breaking by lawmakers, parliamentary sleaze, cash-for-…continue reading »

Posted on Wed 15 Jun 2022

The Telegraph - Asylum Seekers: Morals, Politics and the Church

Many of the people attempting to land on these shores in small boats come from at least one safe country. There can be little doubt that some are genuinely fleeing torture and imprisonment but, equally, there a…continue reading »

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