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OXTRAD / Oxford Centre for Training, Research, Advocacy and Dialogue

Oxtrad’s mission is to prepare Christians for ministry in situations where the Church is under pressure and in danger of persecution.

Oxtrad seeks to enable Christian workers and pastors to engage with these challenges and to bring the Gospel to bear on the important questions they face.Heightening tensions between the West and Islamic countries in the Middle East, Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, for example, have impacted Christians and churches in the region. The Oxtrad vision arises from the growing challenge of international religious extremism, terrorism and ideological secularism faced today by Christian leaders and the churches they lead.

We aim to face, rather than avoid, the hard issues confronting all parties, and to equip the Church to engage in a dialogue with Islam and with the authorities, which is biblical, Christ centred and faithful – as well as sensitive and respectful. Such dialogue has enjoyed past success in both identifying and solving problems.

Our work in training and dialogue is underpinned by focussed research on the religious, social and historical background to some of today’s most difficult situations. Oxtrad carries out its own research and enables others to enter this field. To this end, we are developing partnerships with academic institutions, both in the regions and other parts of the world.

Oxtrad will provide relevant information to churches and Christian groups. We will also bring cases of hardship and persecution to the attention of the Church and the world. And we will highlight emerging threats to freedom. We will continue to engage in education on issues facing the world-wide church, including the pressures arising from new forms of aggressive secularism in the West.

Oxtrad works in partnership with churches and agencies and is mindful to avoid duplication of effort. Instead we seek to bring distinctive experience, scholarship and relationships to assist in the ongoing mission of churches and agencies. Oxtrad will also pioneer work in new areas that have so far been neglected.

Oxtrad is a venture of faith and vocation. We depend on the prayer, support and generosity of Christians to make this vision a reality.Most of all, we seek to glorify God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, in all we do for God’s Church and God’s world.

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